Effective control of Hypothyroid.

Thyroidcare helps create a perfect balance of essential elements for the smooth functioning of our body. It is a unique Ayurvedic formulation that works at a cellular level for long lasting results instead of providing interim relief. It helps in tackling the thyroid problem permanently without any side effects. Patients who were taking 50mcg to 150 mcg of allopathic medicine for a period of over 1 to 18 years, once switched to Thyroidcare had their gland successfully working within a period of 4 to 6 months depending on the years of illness and severity.


  1. Fatigue
  2. Feeling cold
  3. Poor memory and concentration
  4. Constipation, dyspepsia
  5. Weight gain with poor appetite
  6. Shortness of breath
  7. Hoarse voice
  8. In females, heavy menstrual periods (and later light periods)
  9. Abnormal sensation
  10. Poor hearing
  11. Signs
  12. Dry, coarse skin
  13. Cool extremities
  14. Myxedema (mucopolysaccharide deposits in the skin)
  15. Hair loss
  16. Slow pulse rate
  17. Swelling of the limbs
  18. Delayed relaxation of tendon reflexes
  19. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  20. Pleural effusion, ascites, pericardial effusion

Therapeutic Indications

Acquired Hypothyroidism

Acquired hypothyroidism, sometimes called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, is a disorder that does not allow the thyroid gland to make enough thyroid hormone. Acquired hypothyroidism is more common in teenage girls, but can be found in boys and girls of any age.

Auto Immune Hypo thyroiditis

Autoimmune thyroiditis, (or Chronic Autoimmune thyroiditis), is a chronic disease in which the body interprets the thyroid glands and its hormone products T3, T4 and TSH as threats, therefore producing special antibodies that target the thyroid’s cells, thereby destroying it.

Therapeutic Indications


Juvenile Myxoedema

Delayed sexual maturation and puberty, as a result the child looks much younger than his age. Eruption of permanent teeth is delayed. Intellectual performance is poor but mental deficiency is not as severe as cretinism.


A disease caused by decreased activity of the thyroid gland in adults and characterized by dry skin, swellings around the lips and nose, mental deterioration, and a subnormal basal metabolic rate.

Recommended in recovery of Hypothyroidism

Auto immune hypothyroid goiter.


Each 250 mg capsule is made from

ShuddaGandhak(Sulphur) 150 mg

ShuddhaGandhak is processed purified Sulphur as per AyurvedicRasShastra principles. The process is done to reduce side effects, toxicity and after effects of pure sulphur in the human body

Kanyasara (Aloe barbadensis) 100 mg

Kanyasara consists of dried juice of leaves of Aloe barbadensis Mill. Syn. Aloe Vera Tourn.ex Linn, Aloe indicaRoyle. (Fam. Liliacem), shrub planted in many Indian gardens and found growing throughout India.

Palandu (Allium cepa Linn.)q.s.

Palandu (Allium cepa Linn.) is a biennial or perennial herb with aromatic fleshy underground bulb which is cultivated throughout India. It has many therapeutic properties in ayurveda.

Restrict intake of

Maida, Salt, Black gram, Lemons, Citrus Fruits, Potato, Bakery foods, Junk foods, buffalo Ghee, new Rice, Mangoes etc


Mode of Action

It helps recovery of hypothyroid gland in 4 – 6 months.

Sulphur is converted to methyl.

Sulphonyl methane MSM helps in healthy cell regeneration in a period of 3 – 4 months.


2 Capsules of 250 mg early morning daily with water for 4 – 6 months for adults depending on the duration and intensity of hypothyroidism.

1 Capsule of 250 mg daily in children of 8 years and below.

Capsule should be taken preferably on an empty stomach early morning with no solid food consumption for 1 hour for better absorption.

Patients on 100 mg of Levothyroxine and above show delayed response.

Patients on Levothyroxine should continue the same dose along with Thyroidcare for the first 1.5 months and then take Levothyroxine every alternate day for one month while continuing Thyroidcare every day. Stop Levothyroxine completely after 2.5 months and continue only Thyroidcare for the remaining period.

Interaction with other Medicine and drug sensitivity not seen

Contra indications: NIL.

No side effects noted on over dosage.

Its effects on pregnancy and lactation not noted.

Undesirable effects not noted.

Immune disorders, Hypersensitivity reactors including reach, pruntis, dyspnea, bronchitis, asthmaticbronchial, cold, skin allergies are seen to reduce.

Laboratory Diagnosis

Thyroid profile should be done after 3 months, preferably after cessation of Livothyroxin. T3 & T4 levels are to be observed. Treatment may be extended accordingly. TSH levels take 8 – 12 weeks to return to normalcy.